Our beliefs

Climate change, that most powerful manmade time bomb, which we aggravate each day by our dithering, threatens us, if not with certain Apocalypse at least with serious consequences that will deepen and exacerbate the imbalances and rifts of our world.

Of course, "the worst is not yet sure, all is not lost" (Edgar Morin), but there is a real and urgent danger, and at Climate & Energy Solutions we want to contribute to raising collective awareness and developing the necessary responses and solutions, with determination, enthusiasm and to the full extent of our abilities.

But it is not only about avoiding the worst. The necessary decarbonisation of our way of life also holds a vast potential of opportunities and dividends: new products and services, new jobs, new growth. Today some speak of "green growth" to refer to the possibility of a future where growth and ecology are not mutually exclusive terms. Energy efficiency contributes to energy security and improved economic competitiveness. Renewable energy offers an alternative route to bring energy to populations that are currently denied access to it, as well as enhanced energy security.

Our work is rooted in these beliefs.