" Crafting financing solutions
for a low-carbon future"

Climate & Energy Solutions is an advisory firm specialized in environmental finance, with climate change as its main focal area.

We assist our clients in designing, financing or evaluating policies, programs or projects that aim to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, responsible for global adverse climate change, as well as infrastructure projects.

Our collective experience in government, multilateral development bank, and consulting has equipped us to understand the objectives, constraints and language of our four main target groups: corporates (including project proponents),financial institutions (including funds), development institutions (including multilaterals and NGOs), andgovernments (including local government). Each one of these groups has its own important part to play in building a low-carbon future.

We operate globally, but our main focus is on transition, emerging or developing countries, which have huge infrastructure investment needs but where most of the carbon abatement will need to happen if the world is to achieve the objective of capping the rise in global average temperature to 2 degrees Celsius, and which are most vulnerable to current and future climate change.

Our team, in addition to extensive international experience, has strong expertise in the areas of project structuring and project finance, carbon and climate finance, fundraising, and of project and public policy evaluation. We have special expertise in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and forestry.